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Mathematics & Statistics

Faculty Meeting Minutes — 2005

September 14, 2005

Present: Drs. Bieske, Burgos, Curtin, Danielyan, Elhamdadi, Hou, Jonoska, Kartsatos, Krajčevski, Ma, Manougian, McColm, McWaters, Rakhmanov, Rao, Rimbey, Saito, Shekhtman, Stark, Suen, Totik, Williams, Yanev and You.

Absent: Drs. Grinshpan, Mukherjea, Ramachandran, Ratti, Skrzypek and Tsokos.

Meeting Begins

Meeting called to order at 3:20 p.m. by Dr. Marcus McWaters.

Report from the Chair's Search Committee

Dr. McColm discussed both the committee recommendation to conduct an internal search for chair during this academic year and the minutes of the September 1, 2005 Mathematics Chair Search Committee meeting. Dr. McColm called for discussion.

Dr. Manougian made a motion to conduct a vote on the committee recommendation to conduct an internal search. Dr. Stark seconded the motion. Discussion held.

Dr. McColm noted that the Dean advised the committee of the possible resources to accommodate the hire of either one senior hire or two junior faculty lines. A request for clarification of hires was made. Dr. McWaters stated that the senior hire could be effected as part of an external search for a chair, or as just a senior research faculty member. An alternative to the senior hire is to hire two assistant professors.

Dr. Kartsatos noted that there was a motion on the floor. A motion was made to amend to original motion. Discussion held. Dr. Shekhtman suggested tabling the amendment for now and voting on the first motion. Dr. McWaters called for a show of hands on tabling the amendment and voting on the first motion. All voted in favor.

Dr. McWaters noted that there are six proxy votes. Dr. Kartsatos certified that the proxy votes were in order. Ballots were distributed for conducting a vote on the committee recommendation to conduct an internal search. The ballots were collected and tabulated; 29 approved and 1 disapproved the internal search recommendation. Motion carried.

Dr. Manougian reiterated his amendment to invite Dr. McWaters to accept being Chair for the next term. Discussion held. A motion was made by Dr. Totik calling for a vote that would take effect in a month and allow the committee time to formulate a formal recommendation inviting Dr. McWaters to accept being Chair for the next term. Dr. Shetkhman seconded the motion. A unanimous vote in favor of the motion was passed.

New Hires

Dr. McWaters presented the possible new lines:

One Assistant Professor

and either

One Full Professor


Two Assistant Professors

Discussion held. Each faculty member had the opportunity to promote areas in which to hire. A motion was made to have the search areas be Analysis/DE for the Full (or) Assistant Professor line. Motion seconded, carried.

Discussion resumed for the discipline for the Assistant Professor search. Four disciplines were listed: (1) Discrete, (2) Algebraic Geometry, (3) Probability, and (4) Applied Math.

A vote was held and the two disciplines with the most votes were voted on a second time. Ballots were distributed, collected and counted. The results of the first vote were as follows: (1) Discrete – 9 votes, (2) Algebraic Geometry – 5 votes, (3) Probability – 8 votes, and (4) Applied Math. – 7 votes.

A second ballot was distributed, collected and counted and the results were as follows: (1) Discrete – 15 votes and (2) Probability – 14 votes.

Discipline for Assistant Professor hire: Discrete.

Dr. McWaters called for the nomination of Search Committee Members. After discussion, a motion was made to have two separate committees. The motion was seconded, and approved.

Search Committee Members nominated for Full (Assistant Professor): Drs. Totik (with Dr. Shekthman continuing in his stead in Spring '06), Kartsatos, Ma, You and Rakhmanov.

Search Committee Members nominated for Assistant Professor: Drs. McColm, Saito, Jonoska, Suen and Stark.

Discussion held. Motion to accept committees as presented, seconded and approved.

Meeting Ends

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.

April 13, 2005

Present: Drs. Bieske, Burgos, Curtin, Danielyan, Grinshpan, Hou, Kartsatos, Krajčevski, Ma, Manougian, McColm, McWaters, Mukherjea, Rakhmanov, Rao, Ratti, Rimbey, Saito, Shekhtman, Stark, Suen, Williams, Yanev and You.

Absent: Drs. Jonoska, Elhamdadi, Pothoven, Ramachandran, Skrzypek, Totik and Tsokos.

Guest: Dr. Arthur Guilford, Associate Dean for Faculty Development

Meeting Begins

Meeting called to order at 2:05 p.m. by Dr. Marcus McWaters

Note: A number of faculty were teaching a class at 2:00 p.m. and joined the meeting a few minutes after 3:00 p.m. (Drs. Burgos, Curtin, Danielyan, Hou, Manougian, Mukherjea and Stark).

Introduction of Guest

Dr. McWaters introduced Dr. Guilford.

Department of Statistics Proposal

Dr. Guilford advised the faculty present at this time that the Dean could not support separation of the statistics group as a separate department from the Mathematics Department. Discussion held. Dr. Guilford noted that student credit hours are the key to surviving as a separate entity. Dr. Guilford suggested that within the department's governing document structure, language could be added which could provide some autonomy to the statistics group. He stated that it would be up to the department to structure and approve such language, keeping in mind that collective bargaining dictates much of the structure process.

Textbook Adoption Committee Recommendations

The textbook committee recommendations were presented for review and approval.

  • MAC 1114, 1140 and 1147 — Precalculus, Sixth Edition, Larson & Hostetler
  • MAC 2281, 2282 and 2283 — Calculus, Eighth Edition, Larson & Hostetler

Call for discussion. Discussion held. Motion to approve recommendations as presented. Second, motion carried. APPROVED.

Faculty Committees — 2005-2006

Distributed copies of the proposed slate of nominations for each departmental committee. Called for discussion. Discussion held. Motion to nominate Dr. Mukjerjea in Dr. Shekhtman's stead on the Lecture Series Committee. Seconded, motion carried. Motion to accept committee recommendations with change to Lecture Series Committee. Seconded, motion carried. APPROVED.

  • Graduate Committee: Saito, Jonoska, Kartsatos, Ma and Rakhmanov
  • Undergraduate Committee: Rimbey, Suen, Burgos, Manougian and Ratti
  • Lecture Series Committee: Elhamdadi, Mukherjea, Williams, Danielyan and Krajčevski
  • Library Committee: You and Curtin
  • Travel Committee: Skrzypek and Ma
  • Publicity Committee: McColm, Burgos, Curtin and Shekhtma
  • Computer Committee: McWaters and Bieske
  • Colloquium Committee: Hou and Elhamdadi
  • Graduate Admissions Committee: Jonoska, Suen and Hou
  • Interdisciplinary Committee: Jonoska, McColm, Saito, You, Ma and Grinshpan

Advisory Committee

Dr. McWaters presented the current committee members, noting nominations for two new members to replace Jonoska and Kartsatos would need to be made. Listed on the board were those eligible for nomination: McColm, Mukherjea, Ratti, Saito, Stark, Tsokos, Rao and Ramachandran.

Current Committee: Jonoska, Kartsatos, Rakhmanov, Suen and Williams.

Called for nominations; nominations were McColm, Ratti and Mukherjea. Motion to close nominations. Second, passed. Dr. Ratti made a motion to remove his name from the nominations. Second, motion carried. Motion to approve remaining candidates. Second, motion carried. APPROVED.

Advisory Committee for 05/06: McColm, Mukherjea, Rakhmanov, Suen and Williams

New Hires

Dr. McWaters advised the faculty of his upcoming “resource” meeting with the Dean. Asked for input in prioritizing the areas in which the department would like to hire. Explained a need for flexibility in hiring, citing as an example “if a couple, both well qualified, were presented for hire, we would need the flexibility to hire both.” Discussion held. Dr. McWaters asked faculty to e-mail any suggestions to him. Dr. McWaters was called to another meeting. Dr. Greg McColm chaired the remainder of the meeting.

Proposed Guidelines Changes (Dr. Greg McColm)

Article X: Division of Faculty — Noted that Associate Dean Arthur Guilford advised faculty of the Dean's decision not to support the proposal for a separate Department of Statistics at this time. Much discussion held. A motion was presented by the Advisory Committee. “All current processes that are not enjoyed by all programs within the department should also not be available to statistics until such time as the university administration has set a date for the formation of a separate Department of Statistics.” Motion to amend current motion by Dr. Shekhtman, change “set a date” to read “has set [a] definite written plan.” Dr. McColm called for a motion to accept the amendment. Motion to accept amendment. Seconded, motion carried. Dr. Manougian made a motion to amend the amendment to read request the university ... with the deletion of all before it. Motion defeated. Discussion held. Motion to table Article X. Dr. McColm called for discussion. Discussion held; called for vote. Motion to table Article X APPROVED.

C. Selection of the Chair — Dr. McColm distributed copies of the [proposed] changes to Section C of the departmental guidelines. Reiterated the guidelines presently in place for Section C, Selection of the Chair. Discussion held. Dr. Saito made a motion to amend changes presented to read no chair shall serve more than two consecutive terms without standing in an open election. Discussion held. Motion to amend amendment to read, No chair shall serve consecutive terms without an open election every term. Motion to approve second amendment. Seconded, carried. APPROVED. Ancillary language rendered several sentences in II moot. McColm, after meeting, recommended II be rewritten to conform with today's votes. The effect is: the chair shall be selected each term by the Dean, who selects from a ranked list of nominees approved by the faculty in an open election. Removal of the Chair: Changes presented, discussion held. Motion to amend change to read by a secret ballot of the tenured and non-tenure-track faculty. Motion to approve. Second, carried. APPROVED.

Meeting Ends

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:24 p.m.

March 9, 2005

Present: Drs. Burgos, Curtin, Danielyan, Grinshpan, Hou, Krajčevski, Ma, Manougian, McColm, McWaters, Mukherjea, Rakhmanov, Rimbey, Saito, Stark, Williams and Yanev.

Absent: Drs. Bieske, Elhamdadi, Jonoska, Kartsatos, Pothoven, Ramachandran, Rao, Ratti, Shekhtman, Suen, Totik, Tsokos and You.

Meeting Begins

Meeting called to order at 3:00 p.m. by Dr. Marcus McWaters

National Research Council Upcoming Evaluation of Ph.D. Programs

Copies of a program questionnaire were distributed for the faculty to review. A listing of NRC Variables that might be improved for the 2006 survey was also distributed. Discussion held.

Summer Update

Noted that the funding for math’s summer offerings will be in a dual format much like last summer. He has received all requests for summer and asked faculty to forward notification of any changes as soon as possible.

Commencement Participation

Faculty were advised of the importance the administration has placed on their participation in the commencement ceremonies. To that effect the administration is willing to pay for the school attire required for each faculty member who attends.

CAS Faculty Governance Committees Nominations

Faculty were advised of necessity to nominate and send forward recommendations for the Faculty Governance Elections. Handouts of current Advisory Council and Standing Committees members distributed. Dr. McWaters called for nominations for each of the committees and advisory council. Nominations were as follows:

  • Tenure & Promotion: Yuncheng You and A.N.V. Rao
  • Advisory Council: Manoug Manougian and Chris Tsokos
  • Faculty Development: Arunava Mukherjea
  • Honors & Awards: Richard Stark
  • Graduate: Nataša Jonoska, Masahiko Saito and K. Ramachandran
  • Undergraduate: Scott Rimbey
  • Diversity: Fernando Burgos

Dr. McWaters noted that only one nomination could be sent forward for each area. Discussion held. Motion to select Dr. You for tenure and promotion, seconded, carried. Motion to select Dr. Manougian for the Advisory Council, seconded, carried. Motion to select Dr. Jonoska with Dr. Saito as a second nomination for the Graduate committee should Dr. Jonoska not be allowed to serve a second term, seconded carried. Dr. McWaters called for a motion to accept the nominations as presented. Motion to accept made, seconded and carried.

Textbook Searches (Dr. Manoug Manougian)

Dr. Manougian announced that the committees have already met once and a second meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, March 10, 2005. He stated that the committees hoped to have these searches resolved by the April meeting. Textbook committees are as follows:

  • Engineering Calculus: Manougian, Pothoven, Burgos and Krajčevski.
  • College Algebra & Pre-Calculus: Manougian, Pothoven, Danielyan and Krajčevski.
  • Life Sciences Calculus: Manougian, Grinshpan, Danielyan and Fox.

CAS Web Redesign & Spam Filter Issues – Update (Dr. Wen-Xiu Ma)

A handout of the CAS web page was distributed. Advised faculty that a standard web design is being tested. Asked all faculty to check their data for accuracy. Dr. Ma stated that he will send an e-mail to all faculty with the contact name for any changes that need to be made. Advised faculty that the e-mail spam filter has been down for about two weeks, but it should be up and running by the end of the week.

Departmental Guidelines (Dr. Greg McColm)

Copies of the proposed revisions were distributed. Dr. McColm stated that there are only two revisions up for review. First, the Statistics Faculty would like to have a formal separation of the two programs (math/statistics). Second, the chair; three changes are proposed to eliminate the term limit and modification of the language for recalling a chair. Dr. McColm advised faculty that a vote cannot take place until 20 days after the initial presentation of the proposed revisions. Discussion held. It was decided that an open house meeting would be held on Wednesday, March 30, 2005 at 3:00 p.m. to further discuss the proposed revisions.

Meeting Ends

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:54 p.m.