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Mathematics & Statistics

Faculty Meeting Minutes — 2006

April 26, 2006

Present: Drs. Bieske, Burgos, Curtin, Danielyan, Grinshpan, Hou, Krajčevski, Ma, McColm, McWaters, Ratti, Rimbey, Saito, Skrzypek, Suen and Yanev.

Absent: Drs. Elhamdadi, Jonoska, Kartsatos, Manougian, Mukherjea, Rakhmanov, Ramachandran, Rao, Shekhtman, Stark, Totik, Tsokos, Williams and You.

Meeting Begins

Meeting called to order at 3:30 p.m. by Dr. Marcus McWaters.

Advisory Committee

Dr. McWaters reviewed an earlier memo to the faculty advising them that three new members would need to be elected to the Advisory Committee. The current members are: Drs. McColm, Mukherjea, Rakhmanov, Suen and Williams. Those leaving are: Drs. Rakhmanov, Suen and Williams. Dr. McWaters reminded all that: “Once a member leaves the Advisory Committee, that person may not serve for two years.” That being the case, both Drs. Jonoska and Kartsatos are eliminated from consideration at this time. Also, that all nominees must be tenured faculty, leaving those eligible for consideratiion as follows: Drs. Ma, Manougian, Ratti, Shekhtman, Stark and You.

Noted that Dr. You would be away from campus in the Fall of 2006. Dr. McWaters referred to the memo which included that segment of the guidelines concerning replacement of a committee member for the remainder of a term.

Called for nominations and all eligible faculty were nominated. Dr. Ratti asked to be removed from the nomination. Opened the floor for discussion. Discussion held. Called for a vote, ballots distributed, collected and tallied.

Results: Dr. Manougian, Ma and Shekhtman were elected to serve on the Advisory Committee.

Other Faculty Committees

Advisory Committee Chair, Dr. Suen, presented the proposed slate of members for the various faculty committees. Discussion held. A motion was made to replace Dr. Williams with Dr. Stark on the Publicity Committee. Seconded, approved. Motion to accept proposed slate with noted change. Seconded, approved.

The faculty committee members are as follows:

  • Lecture Series Committee: Danielyan, Elhamdadi, Ma, Totik and Williams
  • Colloquium Committee: Hou and Skrzypek
  • Computer Committee: Bieske and McWaters
  • Graduate Admissions Committee: Jonoska, Rakhmanov and Suen
  • Graduate Committee: Kartsatos, Ma, Rakhmanov, Saito and Suen
  • Library Committee: Curtin and You
  • Publicity Committee: Burgos, McColm, Shekhtman and Stark
  • Travel Committee: Elhamdadi and Ratti
  • Undergraduate Committee: Burgos, Krajčevski, Manougian, Rimbey and Ratti

A question arose about the Interdisciplinary Committee. Dr. McWaters noted that the committee maintains its current membership: Drs. Grinshpan, Jonoska, Ma, McColm, Saito and You.

Hiring Report

Dr. McWaters gave an update on the three new hires, Khavinson, Bénéteau and Nagle, noting that all had officially accepted the positions.

Dr. McWaters also stated that Dr. You had resigned from the CAS Faculty Governance Committee. Dr. Rimbey, as alternate, replaces Dr. You on that committee.

Meeting Ends

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:56 p.m.

March 6, 2006

Minutes not available.

February 1, 2006

Present: Drs. Bieske, Burgos, Curtin, Danielyan, Elhamdadi, Hou, Jonoska, Krajčevski, Manougian, McColm, McWaters, Ramachandran, Ratti, Rimbey, Saito, Suen, and Williams.

Absent: Drs. Grinshpan, Kartsatos, Ma, Mukherjea, Rakhmanov, Rao, Shekhtman, Skrzypek, Stark, Totik, Tsokos, Yanev and You.

Meeting Begins

Meeting called to order at 3:00 p.m. by Dr. Marcus McWaters.

Proposed Re-Structuring for the Math Department

Dr. McWaters gave a brief overview of the previously distributed memo from Associate Dean Guilford outlining the re-structuring proposal. The faculty was asked to elect two members from each distinct unit (Pure and Applied Mathematics and Statistics) to a committee whose charge would be to work with Associate Dean Guilford's office to codify a governance document for: (1) Joint Unit, (2) Math Unit, and (3) Statistics Unit. A discussion was held.

Dr. McWaters called for nominations for representatives from the Pure and Applied Mathematics Unit. Drs. McColm, You and Saito were nominated. Dr. Saito's nomination was removed and replaced with Dr. Rimbey. Motion to close the nominations. Motion Carried.

Ballots were distributed to elect committee members from the nominations. Ballots collected and counted. Drs. McColm and You elected with Dr. Rimbey as an alternate.

Dr. McWaters noted that the Statistics Unit would need to send their nominations forward. The question of a chair for the committee to be resolved at a later date.

Meeting Ends

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.