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Mathematics & Statistics

Faculty Meeting Minutes — 2013

November 4, 2013

Present: Drs. C. Bénéteau, T. Bieske, F. Burgos, I. Chitikov, B. Curtin, A. Danielyan, A. Grinshpan, F. Hopf, X. Hou, D. Khavinson, S. Kouchekian, M. Krajčevski, G. Ladde, W.-X. Ma, M. Manougian, G. McColm, M. McWaters, B. Nagle, S. Rimbey, M. Saito, B. Shekhtman, L. Skrzypek, R. Teodorescu and R. Wooten

Absent: Drs. M. Elhamdadi, N. Jonoska, A. Kartsatos, S.-Y. Lee, E. Rakhmanov, K. Ramachandran, J. Ratti, D. Savchuk, R. Stark, S. Suen, V. Totik, C. Tsokos and Y. You

Meeting Opens

Meeting called to order at 1:06 p.m.

Math Undergraduate Committee — Proposal to Establish Tracks for Mathematics Majors

Dr. Tom Bieske presented an overview of the committee’s proposal, requesting faculty approval. Opened the floor for discussion; discussion held. It was noted that the department does not have promotional materials for the undergraduate programs. A request for the needed materials will be sent to the Publicity Committee. Dr. McWaters called for a vote — Approved.

Math Graduate Committee — Proposal on Course Requirements for Mathematics Ph.D. Students

Dr. Hou presented the committee proposal for review and approval. Opened the floor for discussion; discussion held. Called for vote on proposal — Approved.

Selection of the Department Chair

Candidate: Dr. Lesɫaw Skrzypek
Dr. McWaters posted who had proxy votes. Ballots were distributed, collected and counted. The approval vote was unanimous.

Meeting Adjournment

Dr. McWaters called for any further business.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1:49 p.m.

September 20, 2013

Present: Drs. C. Bénéteau, T. Bieske, F. Burgos, I. Chitikov, B. Curtin, A. Danielyan, M. Elhamdadi, A. Grinshpan, X. Hou, N. Jonoska, D. Khavinson, M. Krajčevski, G. Ladde, S.-Y. Lee, L. Lu, W.-X. Ma, G. McColm, M. McWaters, B. Nagle, E. Rakhmanov, S. Rimbey, M. Saito, D. Savchuk, B. Shekhtman, L. Skrzypek, R. Stark, S. Suen, R. Teodorescu, Y. You

Absent: Drs. F. Hopf, A. Kartsatos, S. Kouchekian, M. Manougian, K. Ramachandran, J. Ratti, V. Totik, C. Tsokos


Marcus McWaters opened the meeting with the introduction of new faculty member Seung-Yeop Lee, and tenured and/or promoted faculty were acknowledged.

Voting Proxies

M. McWaters held proxies for A. Kartsatos, S. Kouchekian, M. Manougian and K. Ramachandran. L. Skrzypek held proxies for F. Hopf and J. Ratti. B. Shekhtman held proxy for V. Totik.

Selection of New Chair

M. McWaters brought up the subject of the selection of a new Department Chair. He stated that no funding would be available for an external search, so a new chair would have to be selected from within the department. The exact procedure for conducting that search will be determined by a committee consisting of seven members, one of which will be selected by the Dean of CAS.

Nominations for the Search Procedure Committee were as follows: C. Bénéteau, T. Bieske, D. Khavinson, G. Ladde, B. Nagle, K. Ramachandran, B. Shekhtman, R. Stark, S. Suen and Y. You. Motion made to close nominations; motion carried. Motion made that ballots must include at least one member of the Statistics Unit; motion carried. After voting, the Chair Search Procedure Committee is as follows: C. Bénéteau, G. Ladde, B. Nagle, K. Ramachandran, B. Shekhtman and Y. You.

Budget for 2013-14

While the full details of the department’s budget are not yet available, CAS has given assurances that funds will be available for Colloquia and Travel.

Union Update — Greg McColm

The faculty contract expired on 8/07/2013. Tenure and Promotion procedures are a big issue in negotiations; also, the length of the next contract is being debated. The Florida Senate is pushing for more online education and more changes to the retirement system. Until a new contract is signed, the terms of the most recent contract remain in effect.

Mathematics Graduate Program — Xiang-dong Hou

The Mathematics Graduate Committee is concerned that students are graduating with Ph.D.s without having taken at least one course from each of the four core and elective sequences. Discussion held. Decision made to review records of Ph.D. graduates from the last five years to determine if this is truly a problem. If so, further discussion will take place among the Committee members.

Colloquium Committee — Dima Savchuk

Colloquium requests need to be submitted today (9/20/2013).

Meeting Adjournment

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:10pm.