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STEM for Scholars

The 2018 STEM for Scholars summer program for high school students was highly successful, reports Professor Manoug Manougian, Director of the STEM Education Center at the University of South Florida. Forty-two students were selected. Of these fourteen were students entering 10th grade, and twenty-eight were students entering 11th or 12th grade. Students were selected on the basis of exemplary high school record. The four-week program, July 9 through August 3, took place on the campus of the University of South Florida in Tampa. The program was supported by Innovative Education at USF.

As in years past, the main objectives of the program were to prepare high school students for college life, expand their horizons in STEM fields, and illustrate the interconnectedness of these fields. They were helped in developing critical thinking and conceptual creativity through research and innovation.

Instructors of the program were highly qualified USF educators. Included were Dr. Arthur Danielyan, Dr. Lindsey Shaw, Dr. Manoug. Manougian, Dr. Michael Cross, Howard Kaplan, Amber Bieske, Mohamed Rahouti and Dr. Kaiqi Xiong. Under the guidance of these instructors, students engaged in never before discovered antibiotics with cutting edge biological research, learned to appreciate and understand mathematical proof-writing, experienced 3-D graphics and advanced technologies, as well as programing and hands-on experience in cryptography and cybersecurity.

Scholarships were provided by the Provost’s Office (Dr. Ralph Wilcox), the Jacarlene Foundation, and Citi Women in Technology Group.

On the last day of the program, a Closing Ceremony provided a platform whereby students presented some of their research in various fields of STEM. They all received a Certificate of Completion, while parents, relatives and friends who were in attendance, seemed to enjoy their children’s accomplishments.

Dr. Manougian, who in 1971, initiated the summer program at USF, stated that the 2019 program is being prepared in cooperation with Innovative Education. For information, those who are interested are advised to contact the USF Mathematics STEM Education Center.