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Mathematics & Statistics

Graduate Program in Mathematics

Dr. Bénéteau and Students

The Mathematics Faculty of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of South Florida consists of approximately 30 members. There are currently more than 60 students seeking graduate degrees in mathematics; the department supports approximately 40 of these students with Graduate Teaching Assistantships.

Research interests of the Faculty include: Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Approximation Theory, Combinatorics, Control Theory, Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, Integrable Systems, Knot Theory, Nonlinear Analysis, Number Theory, Probability, Soliton Theory, Special Functions, Theoretical Computer Science, and other areas.

The department is also a participant in the interdisciplinary Bioinformatics and Computational Biology master's program.

Students who are interested in applying to USF's Mathematics Graduate Program should consult the information found at How to Apply.

The Mathematics Graduate Admissions Director is Dr. Brendan Nagle.

The Mathematics Graduate Program Director is Dr. Brian Curtin.

The Graduate Program Coordinator is Vicki Lowe.

Recent recipients of the Master's in Mathematics can be found at Recent M.A.s. Recent recipients of the Ph.D. in Mathematics can be found at Recent Ph.D.s

Campus Visits: Students applying to our Ph.D. program are welcome to visit our campus to learn more about the Program. Interested students should contact the Graduate Program Coordinator, Vicki Lowe, for details.

Teaching Seminar: During the fall and spring semesters, the department runs a teaching seminar for new graduate teaching assistants (TAs). Each incoming TA is expected to participate in this seminar. It consists of discussions of teaching methods for college-level mathematics courses, observations of classes taught by faculty members and fellow TAs, and presentations of a short lecture by the seminar participants.

Teaching Awards: Each year an award is given to one or two Mathematics graduate teaching assistants to recognize their excellence in teaching. This award is provided by the department.

Past recipients of this award are:
2007: Hari Adhikari, Angela Angeleska, Ibtisam Daqqa
2006: Dhruba Adhikari, Boubakari Ibrahimou

Additionally, several Mathematics TAs have been nominated for the university-wide Provost's Award for Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Teaching Assistant.

Past recipients of this award are:
2008: Hari Adhikari (Certificate of Recognition)
2007: Angela Angeleska (Provost's Commendation), Dhruba Adhikari (Certificate of Recognition)
2006: Ana Staninska (Certificate of Recognition)
2005: Irena Andreevska (Provost's Award), Ferenc Tookos (Certificate of Recognition)

Job Search Seminar: During the fall semester, the department offers a job search seminar to advise graduating students on how to apply for jobs, both in academia and industry. The student's graduate advisor will also generally provide career advice. Other sources of information for job-seekers can be found at Job Advice and at American Mathematical Society.