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Mathematics & Statistics

Graduate Certificate in Mathematics

Brief description: Regional community colleges expect their faculty to have a strong background and credentials in mathematics at the graduate level. This program provides prospective and current college instructors with the experience and knowledge to understand and value prior accomplishments in the mathematical sciences, while supplying the training to develop the skills necessary for a meaningful contribution in college-level education.

Certificate Program Advisor: Dr. Brendan Nagle

Required Courses: Total program hours: 18 credit hours (6 courses) to be selected from the list below with a 3.0 GPA. A student may petition to substitute additional mathematics courses for those listed as certificate courses. Course substitutions must be approved by the certificate program advisor and the Graduate School.

  • MAA 5306 — Introduction to Real Analysis (3)
  • MAA 5307 — Real Analysis I (3)
  • MAA 5405 — Applied Complex Variables (3)
  • MAD 5305 — Introduction to Graph Theory (3)
  • MAD 6206 — Combinatorics I (3)
  • MAD 6207 — Combinatorics II (3)
  • MAS 5107 — Advanced Linear Algebra (3)
  • MAS 5215 — Number Theory (3)
  • MAS 5311 — Algebra I (3)
  • MAS 5312 — Algebra II (3)
  • MAT 5932 — Symbolic Computations in Mathematics (3)
  • MHF 5402 — Early History of Mathematics (3)
  • MHF 5405 — History of Modern Mathematics (3)
  • MAP 5345 — Applied Partial Differential Equations (3)
  • MTG 5316 — Topology I (3)

Credit toward graduate degree: Up to twelve (12) hours of certificate course credits may be applied to a graduate degree with departmental approval.

Transfer credit: Non-degree seeking students and transfer students may apply one (1) course to a graduate certificate with departmental approval.

Standardized tests: Standardized tests are not required.

Admission requirements: Applicants must hold an earned bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution in mathematics or a related field and have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Application process: Please visit the online application for admission to apply online. In addition to the application forms, please submit the following items:

  1. Official transcripts
  2. A résumé
  3. A letter of recommendation from a mathematician attesting to the applicant's abilities to succeed at the graduate level
  4. A statement of purpose addressing the motivation for obtaining the certificate

Registration process: First, consult with the certificate program advisor and obtain an electronic course permit if necessary. Then go to, the link to OASIS, USF's on-line registration system. Follow directions given on-line.

To access online course materials, students must have the USF NetID (e-mail account). Please visit: to obtain the NetID.

New students, including those studying online, may obtain the USFCard. Please visit: to obtain the USFCard.

Tuition and fees: Fees parallel that of standard graduate-level courses. Please visit

Financial aid: Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for financial aid. Please contact private lenders for information on the types of student loans available.

Time limit: The certificate program should be completed within three (3) years.