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Mathematics & Statistics

Recent Recipients of the Ph.D. in Mathematics with Concentration in Statistics

Joy D'Andrea

Doo Young Kim

  • Dissertation: Statistical Modeling of Carbon Dioxide and Cluster Analysis of Time Dependent Information: Lag Target Time Series Clustering, Multi-Factor Time Series Clustering, and Multi-Level Time Series Clustering
  • Advisor: C. Tsokos, 2016

Venkateswara Rao Mudunuru

Sherlene Enriquez Savery

  • Dissertation: Statistical Analysis of a Risk Factor in Finance and Environmental Models for Belize
  • Advisor: C. Tsokos, 2016

Bhikhari Prasad Tharu

  • Dissertation: Statistical Analysis and Modeling Health Data: A Longitudinal Study
  • Advisor: C. Tsokos, 2016

Xing Wang

  • Dissertation: Time Dependent Kernel Density Estimation: A New Parameter Estimation Algorithm, Applications in Time Series Classification and Clustering
  • Advisor: C. Tsokos, 2016

Bong-Jin Choi

Olusegun M. Otunga

Arnut Paothong

Keshav Prasad Pokhrel

Iuliana Teodorescu

Jean-Claude Pedjeu

Daniel P. Siu

Devine T. Wanduku

Keith E. Hackett

Carlos A. Molinares

Dimitrios Vovoras

Yong Xu

Chunling Cong

  • Dissertation: Statistical Analysis and Modeling of Breast Cancer and Lung Cancer
  • Advisor: C. Tsokos, 2010

Nabin Manandhar

  • Dissertation: Statistical Learning And Behrens Fisher Distribution Methods For Heteroscedastic Data in Microarray Analysis
  • Advisor: K. Ramachandran, 2010

Ling Wu

  • Dissertation: Stochastic Modeling and Statistical Analysis
  • Advisor: G. Ladde, 2010

O'Neil Lynch

  • Dissertation: Mixture Distributions With Application to Microarray Data Analysis
  • Advisors: K. Ramachandran and W. Kim, 2009
  • First Positon: Minnesota State University

Armando Hoare

  • Dissertation: Parametric, Non-Parametric and Statistical Modeling of Stony Coral Reef Data
  • Advisor: C. Tsokos, 2008
  • First Position: USF, St. Petersburg

Branko Miladinovic

  • Dissertation: Kernel Density Estimation of Reliability With Applications to Extreme Value Distributions
  • Advisor: C. Tsokos, 2008
  • First Position: University of Tampa

Shou Hsing Shih

  • Dissertation: Forecasting Models for Economic and Environmental Data
  • Advisor: C. Tsokos, 2008

Florence George

  • Dissertation: Johnson System of Distributions and Microarray Data Analysis
  • Advisor: K. Ramachandran, 2007
  • First Position: Florida International University

Alfred K. Mbah

  • Dissertation: Theory of Records and Applications
  • Advisor: C. Tsokos, 2007

Gokarna R. Aryal

  • Dissertation title: Study of Laplace and Related Probability Distributions and Their Applications
  • Advisor: C. Tsokos, 2006
  • First position: Purdue University Calumet

Louis R. Camara

  • Dissertation title: Statistical Modeling and Assessment of Software Reliability
  • Advisor: C. Tsokos, 2006
  • First position: USF, St. Petersburg

Abdelelah M. Mostafa

  • Dissertation title: Regression Approach to Software Reliability Models
  • Advisor: K. Ramachandran, 2006
  • First position: Unknown

Lakshminarayan Rajaram

  • Dissertation title: Statistical Models for Environmental and Life Sciences
  • Advisor: C. Tsokos, 2006
  • Current position: St. Petersburg College

Rebecca D. Wooten

Zhao Chen

  • Dissertation: Bayesian and Empirical Bayes Approaches to Power Law Process and Microarray Analysis
  • Advisor: A. Rao, 2004
  • First Position: Florida Gulf Coast University

George Yanev

  • Dissertation: Statistical Modeling of Epidemic Disease Propagation via Branching Processes and Bayesian Inference
  • Advisor: C. Tsokos, 2001
  • First Position: USF, St. Petersburg
  • Current Position: The University of Texas-Pan American

Ming Dai

  • Dissertation: Identification of the Parameters of a Multivariate Normal Distribution by the Distribution of Maximum
  • Advisor: A. Mukherjea, 2000
  • First Position: University of Pennsylvania

Henry W. Roberts

  • Dissertation: Predicting the Performance of Software Systems via the Power Law Process
  • Advisor: C. Tsokos and A. Rao, 2000
  • First Position: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta

Vincent A. R. Camara

  • Dissertation: Bayesian Reliability Modeling With Applications
  • Advisor: C. Tsokos, 1997
  • First Position: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Current Position: Unknown