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Mathematics & Statistics

Jason Brown and The Beatles

Special Presentation

February 17, 2020

Jason Brown explores the topic of “All You Need is Math”

Audience The talk is directed at a general audience and is open to the public. There is no entrance fee.
Date February 17, 2020
Time Monday evening, 7:30pm
Place Oak View Room, in the IDR building, 3720 Spectrum Boulevard at USF-Tampa (For a map of the campus,
click here.)
Parking Free parking is available in the unnumbered lot adjacent to IDR.

Jason Brown

Description of the Talk

Music is full or mathematics — from sums of trigonometric sound waves that comprise audio recordings and patterns and transformations in music, to transitions between melody notes, between chords, and between onsets in a rhythmic pattern. A variety of mathematical tools are available for both musical analysis and generation. In this talk we discuss

  • why we are drawn to the repetitive nature of the blues,
  • how (and why) to create ambiguity in music
  • what statistics and machine learning can say about music authentication, and
  • how Fourier transforms can unravel a few musical mysteries surrounding The Beatles.

Description of the Speaker

Jason Brown is a mathematics professor at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada. He has used mathematics to analyze music from the Beatles to the Blues, and may be best known for his work on who wrote which Lennon-McCartney songs. He has made many presentations, some of them on YouTube, on his guitar and occasionally accompanied by other instrumentalists. He also published the popular mathematics book, “Our Days Are Numbered”.